Learn How to Showcase Custom Embroidered Patches

A lot of people assume that only motorbike riders love custom embroidered patches. Thing is, anyone and any institution or organization use custom patches. There are even individuals who are avid patch collectors.

Custom embroidered patches

These patch collectors are often part of a group where they swap or trade patches with each other, while some have a group to showcase their collections. It has become more than a hobby for most of them.

Listed below are some interesting ideas where custom embroidered patches can be used:

1. Quilts

This is one of the most creative things that you can do with your collection of patches: creating a quilt. If you are familiar on how quilts are made, you probably have an idea already. You only need to find scrap cloth materials to create the individual quilt blocks. Find materials that will be suitable to your existing patches.

You will simply saw them together and you can create a beautiful table runner or if you have a lot of materials, you can create a blanket. You can also look for nice patterned scrap materials and have them showcased together with your patches collection.

This is a great accessory for your living room or bedroom but the essence of it all is to showcase your patch collection so the best place is to have it displayed in your living room.

2. Create a Themed Scarf

If you are someone who loves to accessorize and dress up, you might find this one interesting. You might have several scarves in your closet; you can make them unique by sewing in custom embroidered patches. Probably you have a nice blue scarf and some patriotic patches, you can simply saw one or two patches on the blue scarf and you have your own Fourth of July accessory.


It would also be a perfect idea to make a few for the Christmas season or Thanksgiving. You can also create some interesting themed scarves to be given to your friends and families during birthdays, anniversaries, or Christmas.

Scarves are quite versatile. Just make sure that you get scarves that don’t scream big prints since you will be attaching custom embroidered patches, and your aim is to showcase these patches.

It is a great way to show support for a charity or organization you are supporting. It is a unique way of showcasing the custom patches since showcasing them on caps, jackets, and shirts, among others, are quite common already.

3. Framed Patches Collection

If you are an avid collector of custom patches and you travel a lot, chances are you have a lot of interesting and different patches to your collection. If you want to preserve these collections, you might want to consider having them framed, similar to how you showcase a coin collection.

Custom-Embroidered-PatchesYou can do it yourself by mounting individual custom patches on small blocks of wood. You can also use display-grade cardboard. There are a lot of options and you can find ideas from a crafts store. You will surely have a unique conversation piece when you display your framed collections in the living room. This is a departure from the usual paintings or photograph displays on your walls.

4. Creating a Scrap Book

Yes, photos and other mementos are not just the only ones that you can create a scrap book for. If you want a different way of presenting your patch collections, this is a nice option. There are scrap books that you can purchase from craft stores and you can just add in your patches or you can make them from scratch.Showcasing your custom embroidered patches is not really difficult; a little imagination does go a long way.


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