Been having a lot of oil tank issues.  While the in-ground tank was being replaced, the crew found leaking oil from the old tank.  So they stopped the work and put the dirt back as per state regulations.  In place of the old tank they put in a temporary plastic tank, a giant plastic bubble that used to hold soybean oil.  The problem is this tank is above ground, and it gets really cold here.

Despite my having dumped 5 gallons of Kerosene into the tank earlier in the day, the fuel still managed to gel.  I tried pouring boiling water on the length of the pipe at 4am, to no apparent affect.  I then proceeded to wrap the length of copper pipe outside in newspaper and duct tape.  No luck.

My next step is to sleep until noon, then try restarting the furnace in hopes the #2 fuel oil warmed up enough to flow .  If it doesn’t start, I’ll have to call the furnace people, who are not pleasant.  In fact, they are downright rude.