Tips for Image Optimization for SEO

SEO is similar to politics in a way that your website will achieve power or authority over the other sites. However, unlike most in politics, you will not be successful in SEO in a deceitful manner. We are here to advise you on the Image Optimizationproper way to rank your website among the top search results.

In this article, we are going to talk about how to do Image Optimization. Along with on-page optimization, image optimization is a basic step on your SEO campaign. Search engines are getting more intelligent, so the manner of landing high on search ranking is also getting more complex. To get to the top, it will take a business or blog to have more than just quality web content. There are many aspects that influence how well a site will do on search rankings, and one of the most crucial aspects is on-page optimization. Image optimization is one of the elements of on-page optimization. Images are powerful visual parts of a webpage.

We properly use images so they can transmit the message in a single glance. If you use an image carelessly, it can harm the whole idea. Aside from that, images can help the flow of traffic to your website through Image search engines like Google Image Search.

Image Relevance

Relevance of the image is important in terms of SEO image optimization. It will not help if you posted an image of a car if the website is about health and wellness. It may be common sense, but this step is really important that you cannot just disregard.

Alt Tag

Alt means alternate and Alt tag is perhaps the most important element of image optimization. It contains a text that is shown in place of the image when the image takes too long to load or cannot be shown.

Most search engines are text-based, and therefore, they can’t read images and videos. To them, the location of the image in a webpage looks like an empty space, which is not good for your SEO goals. The alt tag will tell the search engines that an image is placed there and informs them about the topic of the image.

Keeping your alt tags short and descriptive is a good SEO practice. As much as possible, the alt tags must have information that is search engine-friendly, but make sure not to go too far. For instance, the alt tag for an image of a dog must be something like: alt=”playing fetch with my dog”

Image Size

Size is a crucial element on the overall experience of your site visitors because images could make the page heavy. If your webpage takes over 10 seconds to load, your users are likely to leave the page or website. The loading time of a webpage is an essential part of the search engine ranking because the total time visit is an important SEO algorithm, so your images must be low in bytes. There are available online tools to decrease the size of an image.

Image Hosting

The factors that choose the images that appear on Google Image Search are hidden, but some think that image hosting is an important factor. It is said that if the text and images are hosted on the same domain, more value is given to the images than if the images are hosted on another domain, such as a free images hosting site.

File Name

Keywords are important in both URL and images. File names that contain keywords can help search engines determine relevance. Do not use a default image file name, such as “DSC1234.jpg,” because it does not provide information about the image. Instead, use a descriptive file name with a hyphen (-) in between keywords. For example, use “image-optimization-for-seo.” This is particularly effective when you use SEO-friendly plugin that helps convert image file names into ALT tags.

Image Linking and Title Tag

Images are ideal for linking because they can instantly grab the attention of readers. However, you may produce better results if you use proper image linking methods. A basic tip for image linking is not to link images directly. Use relevant anchor texts every time you link images. This even helps your SEO efforts when you embed images in a guest blog or other sites meant to obtain backlinks for your site.

Use a title tag as well when linking your images. Title tags offer a tool tip if you hover over the pointer on a link. Your title tags will be great when you use SEO-friendly description and relevant keywords.

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How Powerful is Our Votes?

The election period is just around the corner. Several politics-related news and snippets are circulating in news channels, periodicals, and on the World Wide Web. Colors of specific parties are seen everywhere, may it be on the streets, television or in social media platforms. Considering all these things that are occurring nowadays, do we know how powerful is our votes?

For the Democratic Party, their presumptive nominee for the presidential elections is what we can consider as a veteran politician and the first lady of the 42nd President of the United States, Hillary Clinton. On the other hand, her opponent is Donald Trump, a known business mogul and TV personality, who is the presumptive nominee for the presidential elections of the Republican Party.

Transparency is extremely important, therefore, we should be 100% clear as to what we do and how we do it. VotesBoth of these most popular nominees have aired their views and platforms all around the country. Of course, we all know that there is a possibility that they can do those things, but let us not be blinded and believe that they can really do everything that they say. After all, promises are meant to be broken. We probably have watched or heard their stands in different social and relevant matters for the country. Considering the things that they have said, may it be in a politician’s poise or rashly enunciated views, we are probably leaning towards a specific candidate because of our own beliefs and whom we think will be able to improve the United States of America.

Now that the elections is just around the corner, do we truly know how powerful is our votes? The Right of Suffrage, or most commonly known as the right to vote, is practiced all over the world in terms of politics or may it be in simple business corporations. To understand fully our right to vote, we have to know who are eligible to exercise this right. Previously, the American Constitution did not clearly define who can or cannot vote. They allowed each state to determine who can or cannot vote, instead. There are five amendments that limit the basis on which the right of suffrage or the right to vote may be restricted or denied. These five amendments include the 15th Amendment of 1870, 19th Amendment of 1920, 23rd Amendment of 1961, 24th Amendment of 1964, and the 26th Amendment of 1961. To summarize these amendments, regardless of our race, color, gender and occupation, we have the right to vote as long as we hit the age of maturity, which is 18 years old.

The ability to have a say on who will govern or lead a specific city or town or a whole country may be insignificant for others. After all, each of our votes only corresponds to one entry or vote versus the millions of other voters who may have other bets or views on who shall lead the country. Despite this quite common belief, it is important for us to know that our right to vote is a huge responsibility that is put on our shoulders. We may think that our vote is as unimportant as a single ant of a colony. However, we have to grasp the importance of a single ant in a colony. We must be cognizant of the things that we can contribute to our society, just like a single ant found among thousands of others. If we sum up all our votes together, it can create the power to let one person hold the highest rank in a country.

We have to realize that we are not only voting for who is the most popular candidate online or who is the most talked about person in our place. We have to know that the president and other officials whom we are going toUSPresidentialElection‬ vote for will lead our country and there are two possible outcomes: they could lead us to prosperity and peace or in worst case scenario, they could lead us to our discord and demise. The ability to discern the potentiality of our votes is an essential thing that we must all realize. Our right to vote for the person who will lead our country is a huge responsibility, so we must exercise it by taking into account all important factors.

Voting for the next United States of American President is voting for the next one of the world’s most powerful people that will serve the country for 4 years, or it could be extended if he or she is re-elected. It is in our hands who will be one of the world’s most powerful people; hence, we have to know how powerful our votes is as Americans. Having the right to vote is a kind of power that some do not take seriously. We have to realize the weight of the responsibility that is given to us as voters.

It is also our responsibility to inform or teach our fellow citizens the importance of choosing the best candidate who will lead our country. Their popularity is a big factor that most voters consider. Nevertheless, the most important factor that we must consider is how these certain candidates can contribute to the growth and development of a country. Choosing the best one for the position is like choosing the author of our history and future.