I’ve always wanted to own a blueberry bush.   The fruit is delicious, contains no fat or cholesterol, and is high in antioxidants.  Last year I checked the prices of 2 year old bushes at the local nursery.  They wanted over $40 for the plant.  No way I planned to pay that, so I tried an experiment.  I put some blueberries in the blender, poured off everything but the seeds, and then planted them.  Sadly nothing grew.

This year I went out and bought a sicky blueberry shrub at Lowes for $10 on sale.  I drilled holes in a giant planter, mixed some soil, organic matter, and acidic plant fertilizer together.  The blueberry bush came in a box with the roots wrapped in peat.   I decided not to unwrap it.  Messing with roots while transplanting usually kills my plants.  So I just buried the entire thing straight from the box.  On top I put a layer of pine needles to act as a mulch, while increasing the acidity of the planter.

Below is a picture 4 months after planting.  I had just returned from a trip to Disney World and my garden was a mess.

Blueberry hidden by weeds

Below is the same plant after I removed the weeds.  Quite a difference?

Blueberry with weeds removed

After 30 days that tiny sprout of new growth is now taller than the entire plant.

Blueberry one month later

Supposedly blueberries wont bare fruit until the 3rd year.  In the meantime, should I get any suckers this year or next, I have a spare planter to fill.