The Services that Funeral Homes Offer

Funeral HomesThe death of a loved one is among the most difficult things that a person has to face in life. Most people will really be distraught in this situation, and would most likely be confused on what to do first. Funeral homes offer several important services for such a moment.These services greatly assist those who are left behind.

Most funeral homes also offer advice on what to do first when a loved one has died. Some people really get confused and don’t know who to call or what to do first. To give you an idea though, below are some important details on how death is initially handled.

If someone has died in a hospital or in a nursing home –

the staff is trained to contact the attending doctor to arrange for the Certificate of Death to be signed. Then the staff will call the family or next of kin. If all the pertinent documents have been signed, then the nursing home may be able to transfer the body to the funeral home.

If some family members are within the vicinity, most of them will still be able to visit the deceased at the place of death. The funeral home is then called afterwards. Once they are informed of the death, they will confirm the availability of viewing rooms, if the family chooses this option. Funeral homes usually guide the family or loved ones through the process of contacting the cemetery, clergy, and other people involved in the funeral arrangements.If the deceased does not have immediate family or a will, then the next of kin is responsible for making arrangements.

There are a number of forms to be completed once you make funeral arrangements. Most of these forms require information that could easily be derived from the deceased’s ID such as place of birth, parents’ names, mother’s maiden name, and residence address. Clothes and photos are also required, especially if it is an open-casket funeral.

A complete funeral service usually has up to two days of visitations –

Some funeral homes also offer reception and catering options. The memorial service is another service that a funeral home provides. A memorial service can be done even without the body of the deceased, and some mortuaries also provide this type of service.

They also provide special personalized services such as balloon or dove releases, video presentations, candle lighting ceremonies, or even musical tributes. This is done at the convenience of loved ones, especially those who will travel from far away.

These businesses also offer reception services, where people who knew the deceased can share memories and celebrate the life of the deceased over a meal. This casual gathering can take place in one of the halls in the funeral home and catering options are also made available.

Funeral-HomesNowadays, many plan for their funeral arrangements in advance. This is a sensible option, and sends a thoughtful message to those who are left behind, making it clear that they don’t have to make major decisions. Probably to make things easier for their would-be clients, most funeral homes offer advance planning services. Benefits of advance planning include making well informed decisions, having the freedom to consult in any place that is convenient, letting personal preferences be explicitly known, and gaining financial advantages. Prepaid funeral services are actually much cheaper. An individual can choose the casket or urn in advance, and even their preferred music.

Upon knowing these facts, one thing should finally be clear to you –while death could come in the most unexpected ways, it doesn’t have to bring even greater grief to those left by the diseased.